Product Detail

High Power Laser Cutting Machine 高功率激光切割机

Series: CFD-I8
Color: black / red


NCF3015 Economical Fiber laser cutting machine


Technical Solution

-Laser power   1000-6000W

Cutting Materials

-Carbon steel / Stainless steel / Aluminum Sheet / Brass/etc

Machine color

-Black & Red

Continuous working time



  • Working bed adopts traditional temper process: Stitching, welding, heat treatment, surface

    treatment, high precision guide surface processing, processing with meticulous attitude,

    high quality bed avoids vibration during high-speed operation.

  • Dual-drive, dual-motor, with stable, fast dynamic response, high positioning speed characteristics , speed up to

    70 m / min. Bilateral synchronous drive, high-end CNC system, stable and reliable, is leading level

    in the field.

  • RAYCUS 1000-6000W fiber laser inside, light guide system composed by optical fiber,

    laser generator doesn’t include any lens, thus not require maintenance, compact and easy

    to integrate, no start-up time, high power density, excellent optical mode, it is the most advanced

    core technology manufacturer for imported laser source.

  • Perfect integration of top fiber laser technology and digital control technology, excellent

    performance, stands for the most advanced laser cutting machine manufacturing standard.