Product Detail

Large Format 大幅面激光切割机

L-Series laser cutting machine is equipped with fiber laser generator as well as other

efficient drive mechanism such as high precision gear rack, high precision linear guide rail,

etc., and assembled through the advanced CNC system. It is a hitech product integrating lasercutting, precision machinery, CNC technology, bevel cutting system etc. mainly used to

cut and form carbon steel sheets, stainless steel sheets, aluminum alloys, composite materials,etc.
Series: L Series
Color: Blue / White
Processing area: 3000*1500mm/ 6000*2000mm/ 8000*2500mm/ 10000*2500mm /12000*2500mm
Laser Power: 3000W/ 6000W/ 12000W/ 20000W
Laser source: IPG / MAX / HAN'S